About Us

Welcome to Whitewater Construction Inc.

We are a general Construction Firm with offices in Eugene, Oregon.

Why hire someone to install fixtures, someone else to do casework, and yet someone else to install signage. Whitewater Construction can do it all.

With over 30 years of retail experience no job is too large or too intricate

Whitewater Construction is experienced in interior renovation, fixture installation, repair and maintenance, installations of pallet racking, Lozier and Madix shelving, as well as rough and finish carpentry.

Whitewater Construction can handle all your special projects. Whether it's installation of prefabricated fixture packages or design and installation of custom displays for high impact visual merchandising. Our complete array of in-house services will deliver your project with unmatched quality and efficiency.

Progress of each and every project is constantly monitored with one goal in mind, quality on time delivery.

Supervision and support "Make It Happen!"

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